Friday, May 25, 2012

Kitchen Design Ideas: The Latest Trends

Recently, Zillow, a real estate focused website, wrote an article outlining the latest kitchen design ideas and trends. As I have mentioned before, they too state that the kitchen has become so much more than what it used to be. It functions not only as a place to prepare food, but as your entertainment hub during social events, your workspace, and also a dining room. With this trend taking a drastic shift from previous years, now is a great time to consider kitchen remodeling.

Why Kitchen Remodeling in This Economy?

According to the American Institute of Architects (AIA) the current economic market has lead to cutbacks in other areas of home design and overall room size, but kitchens continue to see more attention in both design and use; one reason being that kitchens, along with bathrooms, are an essential part of the home. New kitchen design ideas are taking hold as home offices become less popular, and desk work is being done around the kitchen table. The AIA says that 43 percent of architects polled saw an increase in demand for computer areas in the kitchen. Here is a home we remodeled in Herndon, Virginia.

Kitchen remodeling projects and new homes are seeing extended countertops to handle other non-typical-kitchen tasks and floor space is being added to expand the overall size. The kitchen is becoming the main source of foot traffic in the home and the room where residents spend the most amount of time.

If you see that your own lifestyle reflects the current trend, now is the perfect time for kitchen remodeling. You’re spending the most time in your kitchen, so it requires the most upkeep and attention! Call Signature WoodCrafters for affordable solutions for your kitchen remodeling project!


  1. The kitchen is not only a place for preparing luscious meals and experimenting with recipes. It is also a perfect place for entertaining visitors; a spot where we can have chitchat with family members after a tiring day. Remodeling it with a more aesthetically pleasing design can make cooking more exciting and conversations more pleasant .There are designs that we can choose from in online catalogues and magazines. But it is always important to try to incorporate the design with the overall look of your home.

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