Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving is the Kitchen Nightmare!

Thanksgiving is only 1 day away!

I can only imagine the chaos ensuing around Northern Virginia as families scramble to grocery stores, loading up their carts and standing in line for what feels like hours. Thanksgiving has a way of taking a peaceful holiday and turning it into a hectic eat-a-thon. I'm not complaining about that last part.

The worst part, in my mind, is the clean up. After cooking a Thanksgiving meal, the kitchen can be a complete disaster. "How did mashed potatoes get on the ceiling?" you'll think to yourself. Appliances will stop working when you need them the most and you may feel like your kitchen is falling apart all around you.

You may need kitchen cabinet refacing. 

When it's all said and done, you will have to assess the damage to your kitchen. If you haven't updated your kitchen yet with kitchen cabinet refacing, then you are in luck. Waiting until after Thanksgiving might have been a wise choice. We know that the kitchen can take a beating during this holiday, and after it's done, it's time to treat yourself.

Kitchen cabinet refacing removes all of the visible elements of your cabinets, and replaces them with beautiful, 100% hard wood. That means that all of the scratches, grooves, and faded kitchen cabinet doors will be removed.

Just in time for Christmas, kitchen cabinet refacing is a wonderful gift to yourself.

For kitchen cabinet refacing needs, contact Signature Kitchens! Use real wood, not the vinyl stuff!


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