Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kitchen Renovation - The Perfect Christmas Gift

How was your Thanksgiving? Surely it was as busy I am imagining, but that seems to be part of the tradition. But along with all of the rushing around, the Signature Kitchens family hopes you had an enjoyable holiday full of friends, family and good food.

Now that we have one holiday down, it's time to fully turn your attention to Christmas - arguably the biggest holiday of the year.

Kitchen Renovation in Northern Virginia

Kitchen renovation is a perfect Christmas gift to yourself. There is no better way to spruce up your home than to renovate the room that has the most foot traffic, and is often the most-used. Especially during the holidays, your kitchen is working overtime and the wear and tear from the busiest season of the year can leave a lasting impression on your kitchen. Don't go another year with a kitchen that needs an update!

Christmas is also a great time for kitchen renovation in Northern Virginia for homeowners that are looking to sell in the spring and summer months. The kitchen is usually the most visibly dated room of the home and homeowners often choose to update this room specifically for its high return on investment and its ability to sell a home.

For all of your kitchen renovation needs in Northern Virginia, contact Signature Kitchens!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving is the Kitchen Nightmare!

Thanksgiving is only 1 day away!

I can only imagine the chaos ensuing around Northern Virginia as families scramble to grocery stores, loading up their carts and standing in line for what feels like hours. Thanksgiving has a way of taking a peaceful holiday and turning it into a hectic eat-a-thon. I'm not complaining about that last part.

The worst part, in my mind, is the clean up. After cooking a Thanksgiving meal, the kitchen can be a complete disaster. "How did mashed potatoes get on the ceiling?" you'll think to yourself. Appliances will stop working when you need them the most and you may feel like your kitchen is falling apart all around you.

You may need kitchen cabinet refacing. 

When it's all said and done, you will have to assess the damage to your kitchen. If you haven't updated your kitchen yet with kitchen cabinet refacing, then you are in luck. Waiting until after Thanksgiving might have been a wise choice. We know that the kitchen can take a beating during this holiday, and after it's done, it's time to treat yourself.

Kitchen cabinet refacing removes all of the visible elements of your cabinets, and replaces them with beautiful, 100% hard wood. That means that all of the scratches, grooves, and faded kitchen cabinet doors will be removed.

Just in time for Christmas, kitchen cabinet refacing is a wonderful gift to yourself.

For kitchen cabinet refacing needs, contact Signature Kitchens! Use real wood, not the vinyl stuff!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving and Your Kitchen

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and families everywhere are making last minute preparations for the biggest dinner of the year. As friends and family gather around the dinner table in a week, think back and remember the time you spent in your kitchen. Were there elements of your current kitchen that were an inconvenience to you? Things that could have been updated to streamline the chaos? It may be time for kitchen remodeling

Kitchen Design Ideas

Since Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times of the year for the kitchen, it should be fairly easy to identify the elements of your kitchen that are an inconvenience. Maybe things would be easier to manage with more storage, or perhaps an island would have been an enormous help. 

Whatever it is, this time of the year is a perfect opportunity to pick up some kitchen design ideas for yourself. No one knows your kitchen better than you do, and we can help customize your space to make it more manageable, convenient and customized to meet your personal needs.   

Thanksgiving is just one of the holidays around the corner. Soon meal upon meal will be cooked up in your kitchen, which is why now is a great time to consider kitchen remodeling. For all of your kitchen remodeling needs, contact Signature Kitchens in Northern Virginia! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Holiday Season is the Busiest Time of the Year for Kitchens

The holiday season is right around the corner, and homeowners throughout the DC metro area are preparing and updating their homes with kitchen remodeling projects to accommodate friends and family.

A Once-a-Year Opportunity

Kitchens are certainly the most used room in a home during the holiday season; it's a 3 month span of endless meals and countless guests, making the kitchen the hub of entertainment in every home. With so many different roles to play, it's no wonder that kitchens throughout the area are being updated during the winter months more than any other time of the year.

Why Kitchen Remodeling Now?

Homeowners spend more time indoors and their kitchens are working overtime to keep up. This is when homeowners begin to distinguish the likes and dislikes of their kitchens and consider kitchen remodeling or kitchen renovation. They begin to understand what they could really use or need. They can envision a kitchen that can better serve their family, one that can entertain guests, and a kitchen that serves as the multi-functional room that so many home buyers are now seeking.

For all of your kitchen remodeling or building needs, contact Signature Kitchens. We understand what homeowners are looking for and have been a trusted, reliable friend to home builders and contractors for decades.  

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kitchen Repair After Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy swept across Northern Virginia this past weekend bringing heavy rain, fallen trees and high winds that left homes throughout the region damaged and in need of repair. Homes throughout Loudoun County and areas with fairly level terrain experienced flooding as well.

If your home experienced damage from the storm in Northern Virginia, you may need kitchen renovation services.

Kitchen Renovation Services Northern Virginia

If your home was the victim of Sandy’s heavy rain or even experienced physical damage from fallen branches, kitchen renovation may be essential to repair your home. The quality craftsmanship our kitchen remodeling contractors offer, and exceptional, 100% wood products are second-to-none. Working with Signature Kitchens means that your home will be repaired quickly and with professional care.

Our kitchen remodeling contractors are your point of contact throughout the kitchen renovation project. Since Signature Kitchens designs, manufactures and installs our own products, your kitchen remodeling contractor is your go-to for every aspect of your project. We eliminate the middlemen so you are able to save money and time by communicating directly with the one who can get things done.

If your home was damaged during Hurricane Sandy, or if you are just looking to upgrade your kitchen, contact Signature Kitchens. We serve all of Northern Virginia with quality craftsmanship, seamless installations, and personal care and attention. Call us today for more information!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kitchen Renovation in Northern Virginia

Have you started slowly moving indoors yet? Although fall is in full effect in Northern Virginia, the nights and mornings are often chilly and sometimes just plain cold. In fact, we are only weeks away from Thanksgiving and soon we’ll be watching the citizens of New York celebrating the parade in the streets of Manhattan from the warmth of our homes in Northern Virginia.

This all means one thing: you have little time to get your kitchen renovation project up and running!

Kitchen renovation in Northern Virginia is extremely popular. Homeowners are constantly updating their kitchens to eventually sell their home, update the home they just bought, or just to accommodate their current lifestyles.

Whatever the reason may be, kitchen renovation is a great way to transform your home and add value to your home’s listing price. Having your project done before the holidays arrive is a tremendous help as it allows you to better accommodate your guests, prepare meals, and entertain around your fantastic new kitchen upgrades.

Cabinet Installation Northern Virginia

Cabinet installation is a great kitchen renovation project. Updating your existing cabinets may not always do the trick, and a complete cabinet installation may be in order. This can completely transform your home and will definitely increase the value. Whether you are looking for more storage space, and updated modern look, or just simply need a change, kitchen cabinet installation is a fun, customizable project that benefits you, your family, and ultimately the value of your home.

For all of your kitchen renovation projects or cabinet installation needs, call Signature Kitchens in Northern Virginia today!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Kitchen Remodeling Contractor Northern Virginia

Do you have a great idea for a kitchen remodeling project but don’t know which company to choose? There are an endless amount of kitchen remodeling contractors in Northern Virginia, so why should you go with Signature Kitchens?

ReCrafting: Kitchen recrafting is a unique service that we provide. Instead of traditional cabinet and drawer refacing, we call our service recrafting. That’s because we do more than just slap a vinyl cover on the outside. We use 100% real wood in all of our “refacing” services which means we essentially recraft their entire look. That means you get a product with higher quality, a better look, and at extremely competitive prices.

No Middle Man: Signature Kitchens designs, installs and even manufactures all of its pieces. Your kitchen remodeling contractor is your point of contact for the entire process and will guide you through each step of your kitchen remodeling project. You don’t have to deal with big box stores, designers, and contractors independently; we have simplified the process so you have all in one.

Location: Signature Kitchens has a showroom in Haymarket, Virginia. There you see how the cabinet recrafting process works and you will also be able to enjoy the selection of custom made wood cabinets. We pride ourselves on the quality of our product and know that you will be thrilled with our selection.

For more information on Signature Kitchens, visit our showroom in Haymarket, Virginia!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Kitchen Design Ideas for Fall

The colors of fall and spring are, to me, the most noticeable and welcoming. With that being said, home interior stores run wild during this time of the year with decorations. Not only does it create that cozy, homey feel that people love, but it is also a celebration of the season.

Kitchen Design Ideas for the Fall

Buying new furniture and decorations every year can certainly add up in the long run…or the short run depending on how much you like to shop. But there are certain elements of the home that can be updated to create that same feeling that home d├ęcor stores seem to capture.

According to HGTV, chairs are the most commonly updated item in the kitchen. They can easily be painted or reupholstered to match any season of the year.

Fall foliage is another great, and small, item that can capture the look and feel of autumn. For a cheap and effective kitchen design idea, just wrap some candles in corn husks, make use of pinecones, faux oak leaves and pumpkins (real or fake) throughout your home. If you’re feeling artistic, you can even make paper leaves and utilize them in fun and interesting ways in various rooms.

Candles and wreaths also spruce up the home. It is incredibly easy to find a candle that displays fall colors and the same goes for wreaths. Wreaths can often be made with pinecones or fall foliage and are also a great and affordable kitchen design idea.

For all of your kitchen design ideas, Signature Kitchens has the kitchen elements to match. From cabinets and drawers made of real wood to small and large elements that can transform your kitchen, Signature Kitchens in Northern Virginia is a fantastic choice when it comes to your kitchen remodeling project.

Visit Signature Kitchens showroom in Haymarket, Virginia today!

For more great kitchen design ideas from HGTV, click here


Friday, October 5, 2012

Remodeling for the Holidays

It’s no mystery that the holiday season can be one of the busiest times of the year. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s all within a month and a half of one another, families are moving nonstop preparing meals, visiting relatives and eating meals, and running to the grocery store preparing to prepare meals. That’s a lot of meals. Mix that in with the meals consumed the 5 month long holiday – football season – and that’s a lot of time spent preparing meals for a lot of different people.

The holiday season not only puts stress on homeowners, but it also takes its toll on your kitchen.

If your kitchen has suffered through countless holiday seasons already, it may be time to think about kitchen renovation or kitchen remodeling before Thanksgiving strikes. Whether your cabinets are beginning to show their age or because you’ve spent too much time fighting with that broken silverware drawer, the fall is a perfect time to update your kitchen.

From complete kitchen remodeling projects to cabinet and drawer refacing, Signature Kitchens can have it fixed and installed in just a few days. For more information, visit or schedule an appointment and visit our showroom at 6612 James Madison Hwy. Haymarket, VA 20169.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Selling Your Home in the Spring?

I love the fall weather. It feels great outside (minus the storms). Fall is great for a lot of different reasons: the beginning of the holiday season, football, friends and family, but it also a great time for kitchen remodeling and cabinet installation.

The warmer seasons such as spring and summer are great times to buy and sell homes. Few people want to deal with the stress of moving during the holiday season, and moving furniture and boxes in the cold weather can be a miserable experience.

So why is fall a great time for kitchen remodeling and cabinet installation?

Since homes sell in warmer weather, the fall is a great time to prepare your home. Now is the time to make a list of items that need repair or updating, so your home will sell quickly.

The kitchen is often a room that needs to be updated the most. When they are finally updated, kitchen remodeling projects and new cabinet installation have a phenomenal return on investment. Having an outdated kitchen, and being unable to sell your home may very well be related!

If you plan on selling your home in the spring or summer, think about updating your kitchen with a kitchen remodeling makeover, or new cabinet installation.

Call Signature Kitchens today to learn more about our services!

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