Friday, October 19, 2012

Kitchen Remodeling Contractor Northern Virginia

Do you have a great idea for a kitchen remodeling project but don’t know which company to choose? There are an endless amount of kitchen remodeling contractors in Northern Virginia, so why should you go with Signature Kitchens?

ReCrafting: Kitchen recrafting is a unique service that we provide. Instead of traditional cabinet and drawer refacing, we call our service recrafting. That’s because we do more than just slap a vinyl cover on the outside. We use 100% real wood in all of our “refacing” services which means we essentially recraft their entire look. That means you get a product with higher quality, a better look, and at extremely competitive prices.

No Middle Man: Signature Kitchens designs, installs and even manufactures all of its pieces. Your kitchen remodeling contractor is your point of contact for the entire process and will guide you through each step of your kitchen remodeling project. You don’t have to deal with big box stores, designers, and contractors independently; we have simplified the process so you have all in one.

Location: Signature Kitchens has a showroom in Haymarket, Virginia. There you see how the cabinet recrafting process works and you will also be able to enjoy the selection of custom made wood cabinets. We pride ourselves on the quality of our product and know that you will be thrilled with our selection.

For more information on Signature Kitchens, visit our showroom in Haymarket, Virginia!


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